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What Are The Fragrances & Colors That Cause Hunger

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Yes its true, certain fragrances & colors can not only alter our mood but also help manage our feelings of hunger and satiety. Surprised! Let the disbelief take a backseat, for this is scientifically proven too. So read on to find out which colors and fragnances help enhance or curb our foodie cravings... 



Before I start off about the list of fragrances and colors that cause hunger, let me first introduce the concept of hunger. Hunger can be defined as a sensory stimulus that encourages a person to eat. This is an essential survival stimulus, for eating is the only means of providing the essential nutrients that our body needs for survival. However, unlike other animals hunger is not a simple biological response to lack of nutrients, rather it is a learnt psychological behavior. Our feelings of hunger are controlled by several factors that affect each of our 5 senses. For instance, you might not be feeling hungry at all but you look at a food commercial promoting your favorite dish and you start feeling hungry. This is because of the visual impact of the food commercial. 



Similarly, certain fragrances and colors stimulate certain nervous signals that cause hunger or at times suppress appetite. Examples of fragrances that stimulate hunger impulses include:



Fragrances that cause hunger: The sweet scents emanated from baked foods, essence of cocoa, and peppermint, many psychologists and nutrition experts have observed, stimulate people to go on episodes of binging. 



Fragrances that may cause hunger: Certain studies conducted by aromatherapy experts have concluded that the essence of certain herbs like ginger oil, orange peel, Bergamot oil, and mint oil stimulates hunger in some people. However, many believe that these reactions are learnt actions and everybody may not exhibit this behavior. 



Fragrances that suppress hunger: Along with appetite stimulating smells, appetite suppressing smells also exist. Experts believe that essence of grapefruit, neutral sweet smells like that of green apple, bitter smells of hops and strong putrid smells suppress ones appetite. 



Apart from these generic smells, several specific fragrances, like the smells of your favorite dish can also stimulate hunger. 



Colors that cause hunger: As far as the role of colors in appetite control is concerned, many evolutionary scientists believe that it has to do more with the colors associated with naturally occurring foods and colors that are truly man made. For instance, several studies have proved that green, red, orange, and yellow stimulate hunger. This is because our brain associates these colors with the foods that we normally consume. However, colors with blue undertones are known to suppress hunger. This is because; Mother Nature does not present us with any food that is blue in color. As a result, colors like blue, purple, violet etc. appetite suppressing colors. 



Now, how do we apply this knowledge in our daily life. Simple, in case you are attempting to reduce weight, then avoiding fragrances and colors that cause hunger will help you avoid eating for longer periods of time. Likewise, if you are suffering from loss of appetite then try decorating your dining area with hunger promoting colors and smelling the right fragrances right before meals. You might experience a new zeal of hunger building up. 



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What Are The Fragrances & Colors That Cause Hunger