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Unique Green Salad Ideas

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Are you bored of trying out the same green salads again and again? Then here are few unique green salad ideas, which will help you to prepare a quick and tasty green salad within no time.


Picotica Salad: This salad is usually prepared as the accompaniment to some Mexican delicacies.  You will need red and yellow bell pepper, coriander, cucumber, carrot, garlic, red chilli paste, lemon juice, salt, pepper and cumin seeds powder to prepare this salad. You need to cube all the vegetables and mix them with chili paste, lemon juice, cumin seed powder, salt and pepper.


Russian Salad: You can easily prepare this exotic salad by using ingredients like apples, boiled chicken, boiled potatoes, boiled beans, cream, mayonnaise, yoghurt, and salt.  Cut apples, chicken and potato and mix it with yoghurt, cream and mayonnaise mixture. Thus your Russian Salad is ready.


Pachadia Salad: This is usually served during South Indian meals especially the Kerala style meals. You will need carrots, Cucumber, tomato, curry leaves, mustard seeds, onion, dried curd, fresh cream, salt and pepper to prepare this salad. You only need to cut all the vegetables, mix them with curd and add mustard and curry leaves seasoning.


Hand tossed salad: You can pack this salad during family outings. It energizes your body and mind and refreshes your senses.  You will need Diced tomato, cucumber, onion, radish, lettuce, carrot, cabbage, beetroot, salt, white pepper, malt vinegar and coriander. You only need to mix vegetables and add few drops of vinegar, salt /pepper and garnish with coriander.


Caesar salad - This salad is generally prepared as an accompaniment to the Continental meal. You will need ingredients like red/yellow/green bell pepper, olives, olive oil, Iceberg lettuce, sliced onions, parmesan cheese, croutons (fried bread crumbs), eggs, salt, pepper, mustard sauce and fresh cream to prepare this salad. Break lettuce leaves into bunches, cut bell peppers, and mix them with onions, olives, and add pepper and salt. Prepare the salad dressing by mixing olive oil, egg yolk, mustard sauce and fresh cream. You can garnish the salad with croutons and parmesan cheese and serve it fresh.


Cucumber cream salad – This is a wealthy Mughlai salad which packs in ingredients like diced cucumber, crushed green pepper corn, salt, lemon and fresh cream. Mix these ingredients well, and the salad is ready. The salad will taste good when served chilled.


Strawberry Spinach Salad: You can serve this salad during regular or special dinners. You need sesame seeds, poppy seeds, white sugar, olive oil, paprika, white vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, onion, spinach, strawberries, and almonds to prepare this salad. You can also add fruits like blueberries, bananas to the salad to make it more delicious. 


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Unique Green Salad Ideas