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Is Fast Food Culture Making Us Impatient

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Fast Food culture is making people impatient says a new study. The fast foods are laced with artificial taste makers, which appease the taste buds of eaters and trigger the feeling of wantedness within them. Scientists claim that most of the eaters buy these foods at the very moment they lay eyes on them. The fast foods like burgers, and fries, trigger their hunger, and deliver them instant satisfaction. It has been noticed that these eaters don’t think about money or their health while indulging in such foods.


Few years ago, 6 students were subjected to study, where their behavioral patterns were studied after showing them some popular fast food brands like Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Taco bell. Researchers said that the students became restless every time when these brand logos appeared on the screen even for few seconds. Although the students couldn’t identify the logo, their reaction was recorded. It was thus concluded that exposure to fast foods certainly induce unconscious effects on the person’s behavior. Even if people have time most wouldn't toiling in the kitchen. 


Researchers have concluded that regular exposure to fast foods always made people prone to lavishness. While buying fast foods they only think about instant gain over greater future returns. In addition it was noticed that the participants were keen to invest on time saving products like three-in-one skincare treatments, two in shampoos, instant face packs, etc. Also they showed affinity to instant returns rather than long time returns. On being asked whether they would like to have small amount of money immediately or larger amount about a week later, most of them favored instant small money.


Dr. Chen-Bo Zhong, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Canada’s Toronto University says that “Fast food represents a culture of time efficiency and instant gratification. The problem is that the goal of saving time gets activated upon exposure to fast food regardless of whether time is a relevant factor in the context.”  Dr. Chen – Bo Zhong, further elaborates that the fast food is influencing human psychology and behavior in wider set of arenas than expected. His colleague Sanford DeVoe says that fast food is one of those technologies which help us to save time, but its regular exposure may subject us to impatience.


Researchers concluded that fast foods induced impatience, but they had no substantial evidences to prove whether fast food in part caused value for time efficiency or it was just a corollary of it.


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Is Fast Food Culture Making Us Impatient