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Did You Know About Candwich?

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Recently candwich was in news, for all good and bad reasons. Candwich?? Yes you have heard it right. Candwich is the latest addition to the family of sandwiches. And they are nothing but sandwiches packed in can. Candwich is a portmanteau of “canned sandwich.”


Candwich is sold in 3 ounce pop-top cans (resembling the beer cans) and comes in three flavors: BBQ chicken, PBJ Grape, and PBJ Strawberry. You can also enjoy some candy surprises inside the Grape and Strawberry flavors. Even before its appearance on the market shelves, candwich made news for all wrong reasons as the SEC commission sued an Utah man for investing millions of dollars in Mark One Foods, the company which produces some other equally ridiculous food products. This lawsuit affected the work plans of Mark One Foods who were experimenting with the flavors like French toast and Pepperoni Pizza.


Some say that candwich is a cross between a cold Hot Pocket and a Little Debbie. Candwich promoters Mark One Foods - are targeting it on students, soccer moms, construction workers, and campers but they aim to popularize it amongst others too. The Mark One Foods website claims that candwich will be good to be carried during camps. It seems the company has got inspiration for preparing these sandwiches from German Camping Supplies Company, which sold cheeseburgers in a can.  


The President of Mark One Foods said that “The shelf life of a Candwich is excellent.” And they don’t require constant refrigeration too. Mark One Foods websites gives you 5 reasons to try out candwiches they are:

Candwich is the perfect product for people on the go such as students, construction workers, soccer moms and outdoor enthusiasts.

Candwich has a long shelf life that is perfect for emergency food storage needs in the event of natural disasters.

Easy store display - does not require refrigeration.

Unique packaging offers protection while backpacking, camping, biking, and other activities.

Three great tasting products are available as single can, four-pack or case displays.


Some nutritionists have given their views on the possibility of Candwich turning into the national disaster instead of aiding during natural disaster. Because the natural preservatives don’t have shelf life to save the foods from decaying for long time, say 2 years or so. So, in that case the candwiches may be doused with artificial preservatives or salt which is not good for health.


So, what if in the future you happened to get lost during a camp, just grab a can of candwich lying inside the bag and while eating you realize that the peanut – strawberry jelly combination which you are savoring now was stuffed into the can some years ago.  If time permits, try to prepare the regular peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich instead of buying the artificial one from the market. If time is a problem then buy canned sandwiches inviting you from the market shelves. 



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Did You Know About Candwich?