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How To Control Fermentation Of Kimchi Glass Bottle

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When you are going to prepare kimchi at home, you must have knowledge on how to control fermentation of kimchi glass bottle. Controlling fermentation of kimchi bottles is one of the important steps of kimchi preparation. If you don’t take proper care to control the fermentation, your kimchi might turn to be too sour to taste.


To start the fermentation process of the kimchi, you will require a clean glass bottle. Use your choice of vegetables and spices to fill in the glass bottle. However, you should not fill the jar up to the rim as the fermentation will cause the kimchi to expand. If you fill it to the rim, the next day your kimchi will be leaking through the side of the cap. After filling the glass bottle tightly cap it and leave it in room temperature for at least a day. Within a day, your kimchi will be ready to use as a condiment. Now, the more you keep the bottle in room temperature, the more it will be fermented and longer hours of fermentation will make the kimchi sourer to taste.


When you think that the kimchi tastes perfect, you need to stop the fermentation. This is known as controlling the fermentation of kimchi. If you continue to keep the bottle in room temperature, you cannot stop the process of fermentation. The only way, you can stop the fermentation is by placing the bottle inside the refrigerator. The moment you put the bottle into the refrigerator, the fermentation will stop and you can enjoy the perfect taste of your kimchi for at least a month.


While preparing kimchi in a large quantity, you can transfer part of it into a glass jar for keeping in the refrigerator, while the remaining part can stay outside for further fermentation. This way, you can enjoy a variety taste of kimchi for longer period.


If you find mold formation on the top of the kimchi jar, simply remove the mold and use it. Also,you’re your kimchi, make sure that the vegetables remain covered with the liquid. This will maintain the freshness of the kimchi for many days. However, if you find any foul smell in the bottle, then you should not use it.


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How To Control Fermentation Of Kimchi Glass Bottle