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How To Volunteer For Soup Kitchens?

There is something about your instincts, which loves to serve, an unquenchable desire to give the hand of warmth to the homeless and a soup of humanity to the starving. You have always wanted to combine your instincts with your cooking skills to serve the needy and are looking for ways on how to volunteer for soup kitchens, especially that holidays are around the corner.

If you are planning to volunteer for soup kitchens during holiday time you will have to look further as most of the soup kitchens in your state/region/area will already have a handful of volunteers serving their needs. So here is how you start off while looking on how to volunteer for soup kitchens.

• Get on to the internet and do an online search for soup kitchens functional in your area. You should search for “soup kitchen + your town –name”.

• You will get a listing of the soup kitchens operating in your area along with their contact details.

• If the holiday season is on, there won’t be any dearth of volunteers at soup kitchens. So if your voluntary services are not in demand, ask the people concerned as to how else you could contribute.

• Some soup kitchens are exclusively for retirement homes . So you could try getting in touch with retirement homes who run soup kitchens as well.

Be prepared to serve in any way possible. It could be :

Cooking Food : On a large scale along with other helpers.

Serving Food : Serving the needy with food at the table.

Inventory of the food-items : Where you would be asked to take stock of the perishables in the soup kitchens which have a pantry.

Gather Resources : Where you would be asked to collect or bring in edibles, (grocery, provisions, vegetables fruits) for the soup kitchen’s larder .

Seating arrangement for the diners : Where you could be asked to arrange for tables and chairs.

Cleaning : Cleaning and clearing the area post dining or before.

Raising funds : Where you could be asked to help raise donations from your chain of contacts or otherwise, whichever lies in your scope.

You should be able to asses as to what are the needs of the homeless in your area and be willing to serve accordingly through a soup kitchen.

How else can you volunteer for a soup kitchen?

Soup kitchens work round-the-year. So there needs to be a constant supply of resources in the way of food, equipments in the way of ovens or furniture such as chairs napkins, utensils etc. So as a volunteer if you donate in anyway possible it does prove to be resourceful for those operating the kitchen.

Here are a few tips on what you could volunteer for a soup kitchen differently :-

You could get in touch with a local school and take their help for building resources for a soup kitchen. Since, schools are a center house of events and programs the awareness created can be impacting with a wide-reach. You could request the school authorities to thread the announcement of a soup kitchen, with any associated event or program and ask parents to drop by their donations.

• The soup kitchen operates within the scope of serving meals. But with your initiative and with the permission of those concerned with the management of the soup kitchen, you could also collect a pile of warm-clothing which serves the needy during the winter months. It is during the winter months that resources need to be replenished fast in a soup kitchen , the demand being higher.

How to volunteer for a soup kitchen the best way? Be on time as such community services rely the most on volunteers like you who are ready to pitch in at the hour of need!

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How To Volunteer For Soup Kitchens?