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How To Wash Hot Peppers Off Your Hands

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Do you know how to wash hot peppers off your hands? Well, you must wash off these hot peppers off properly. It may help in spicing up Spanish foods but their seeds and membranes consists capsaicin (a heat-producing compound) which can be easily transferred to anything it touches. Soap and water alone doesn’t cut the burning sensation that are caused by hot peppers. This really gets in around your nails and trust me the heat is pretty irritating. Most of the time I wear disposable gloves while I am handling hot peppers and when I am not, I stick to few simple remedies. Here’s how to wash hot peppers off your hands.
How to Wash Hot Peppers off Your Hands

1) Wash your hand with milk or rub real butter. This will ease the burning sensation.

2) When you are done with handling peppers, fill a small bowl with alcohol and soak your fingers in it for sometime.

3) Wash your hands with warm water and a good amount of dish soap. Then soak your hands in lemon juice. Make sure that you are not touching your eyes, nose or mouth until you are certain that the hot pepper is completely off of your hands.

4) When your hand does come in contact with the hot peppers, you can effectively neutralize the capsaicin by rinsing the affected area with lemon juice, yogurt or sour cream.

5) To reduce the heat of the hot pepper, coat your fingers with vegetable oil before handling them.

6) Seek medical attention if the irritation persists for long.

7) Rub your hand with salt or baking soda and water. The salt and baking soda scrapes off the hot pepper stuck to your hand.

Beat the horrible hot pepper burn with these simple remedies. They are really doing the rounds!



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How To Wash Hot Peppers Off Your Hands