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What Are The Edible Wild Plants In Washington State

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If you are going to experience the wilderness of the Washington State, you must be informed about the state as well as the edible wild plants of Washington DC. These edible wild plants can be safely consumed, in case you are stranded for some reason in your journey through wilderness. Even otherwise, you can just enjoy the taste of these green products, when you know - what are the edible wild plants in Washington State.Wild edible strawberries

Wild Berries
You will find a large number of berry trees from different species in this region. Autumn is the time for berries like huckleberries, blackberries and raspberries, in Washington. The weather and the climate of this region is perhaps most supporting for growing berries in such a wide variety and in large amount. Early summer is the time for salmonberries, salal, wild strawberries, thimbleberries and Oregon grapes.

Tubers and Stems
Various wild tubers and stems of this region can be consumed as well. Among them, cattails are quite commonly found along the streams and rivers. During the fall, the roots of cattails can be prepared like potatoes. Even the pollens of the cattail flowers are used to substitute flour for preparing muffins or pancakes. The flower buds and the young leaf shoots are used as asparagus. The wild carrot is another choice of food, which is also grown by large quantity in the wilderness of Washington State.

Tree Foods
You will also find a variety of tree foods in this area, including crabapples, birch nuts and Indian plums. The maple and birch sap can be easily collected from the woods of maple or birch and can be consumed without any risk of infection.

Wild Greens
You will get a bunch of wild greens, which can be safely included in your salad. Among them, the dandelion green is a common choice, which is available in almost every part of the state. You can also try to include the leaves of thistle, chickweed, purslane, yellow dock and sheep sorrel for your salad. Another interesting option can be the nettles, which are generally used to prepare the delicious nettle soup. The thorns of these nettle trees are also a tasty alternative for the hikers or trekkers.

There are several other options for the edible wild plants, which are known and used by the local people. If you want to taste these edible plants, you must take help from a local guide, who can help you to identify the right plant for your food adventure.

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What Are The Edible Wild Plants In Washington State