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Learn To Craft Melon Protectors From Plastic Milk Jugs

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Do you care your environment as much as you do for your watermelons? One simple way you can show it is reuse plastic milk jugs and protect this juicy fruit in an environment-friendly and cheap way from hungry animals. Here is a small guide on how to craft melon protectors from plastic milk jugs.

Plastic milk jugs can be best used to craft melon protectorThings required in making melon protector: The basic things you need to craft melon protectors are milk jug, a pair of scissors, wire cutter and clothes hanger.

How to make melon protector? Step 1: Take a used plastic milk jug and wash it properly after removing its lid. Once it is completely clean, use utility scissors and cut the bottom part of the jug. Make a notch mark, which can be a semicircle or triangle in shape, in one of the corners of the jug and cut it with scissors.

Step 2: Again wash the jug once the bottom of the jug has been cut out. Make sure your jug is free of any bacteria or dried milk. However, do not use any chemical cleaner to clean it because if any elements get left behind, it can harm your watermelon.
Place you milk jug protectors on melonStep 3: Now take your jug to the area where you have planted your melon plants and place your protector on it. Keep the notched area over the plant’s stem to protect it from being cut with the jug’s flat edge. Take a clothes hanger and straighten it. Cut about 12 inches of wire from the hanger and bend it in half. Place the hanger wire in such a way to the milk jug that one of its end comes out from the jug handle and the other from inside the handle’s loop. Then, insert the wire into the ground and secure your jug in place. This will keep the jug intact despite blowing winds and prowling animals.

Involve your children and make this activity of crafting melon protectors from plastic milk jugs a fun task and a memorable moment for the whole family.

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Learn To Craft Melon Protectors From Plastic Milk Jugs