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What Are The Different Uses Of Coca Cola

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Different Uses of Coca Cola

Coca Cola as we know it is a popular refreshing soft drink, but have you ever wondered what are the different uses of Coca Cola, aside from it being a soft drink. Read on to know how much useful a little can of coca cola can prove around the house.                                                       



Different Uses of Coca Cola

In cooking

Coca Cola is a popular carbonated soft drink and is consumed widely across the world.

Coke can also be used for a number of cooking dishes. One needs to mix coke with barbeque sauce in half and half measure to prepare marinade sauce.

Coca Cola can also be used to prepare a chicken dish by cooking pieces of chicken in coke. The sugars present in the coke gives the chicken pieces a glossy finish and a caramelized flavor.

Coca cola is used to prepare Coke funnel cakes which have a very moist and soft appearance.

Making a ham roast with Coke makes the ham moist, as coke caramelises the sugar present in the Coke.

One can prepare low fat brownies with Coke.

Coca Cola can also be used to prepare delicious steak marinade.

Coca Cola is used in preparing beef meat balls.

It is also used to prepare a cherry coke sandwich which contains coleslaw, pork and garnished with sauce having a cherry coke flavor.

Other Uses

Coca Cola works as an effective medium to fight rust.  If there are a number of objects which have a rust coating, soaking them overnight in coke and then giving them a good scrub the next morning brings out the shine of objects back. Coke works very well on objects with chrome finish.

The citric acid in coca cola works as an excellent window cleaner. It is especially very useful in cleaning car windows. One just needs to pour coke over the window. Rub it and then wipe it briskly with a damp cloth.

In case a person gets stung by a jellyfish, coca cola can be used to neutralize the sting of the jelly fish. Coke also has the advantage that it is easily available and it much cheaper than anti-sting lotions.

Due to repeated cooking, sometimes the bottom of the pan turns black and even after repeated scrubbing, the stains can’t be removed. If one pours coke over the blackened area and then heats it over low heat, the black stains get removed.

Coca Cola is also effective in removing odour from clothes. Blood and grease stains can also be removed effectively using Coca cola with the detergent.

Coca cola is also very useful as a bug’s killer in the garden. Slugs and other bugs die when they drink coca cola.

Coca Cola can be used to remove tough stains from the Carpet.

A can of Coke added to a pot roast makes the pot roast tender in texture and also imparts a unique flavour to the dish.

Coke can be used to remove tarnish from old pennies which have got tarnished.

Most of the people are unaware of such diversified different uses of coca cola. With our list on what are the different uses of Coca Cola, now you can use that leftover coke to remove that stain on the carpet you have been noticing for some time.

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What Are The Different Uses Of Coca Cola