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Mustard Rui(Carp in mustard)

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Rui with mustard (Mustard Carp)     


Bengalis have a special fondness for fish. The most widely eaten fish in Bengal is Rui or Carp that generally forms a part of the everyday Bengali diet. It is in fact eaten daily in many families and can be cooked in a number of delectable ways. One of the most delicious variants of rui preparation is Rui with mustard.     


The following are the constituents that are required for its preparation.     

300 gms of Rui fish cut into 6 pieces measuring 300 grams.

4 tablespoonful of white sesame that is powered and fried.

2 teaspoonfuls of mustard.

Seven to eight green chilies.

1 table spoonful of garlic paste, 1 tea spoonful of ginger paste, 3/4 cup of mustard oil, a bit of turmeric powder, salt as required, 2 table spoonful of milk.


The following is the procedure for preparing this extremely delicious cuisine.  


First the fishes have to be cleaned properly. Next salt and turmeric must be added to it. The fish should then be fried in oil heated in a pan. Care should be taken to fry the fishes lightly. This fried fish should be taken out of the pan and kept separately.


After this, white sesame together with a couple of chilies should be grinded with mustard.


Oil should again be heated in the pan and ginger and garlic paste together with the chilies that are slit must be added. This should then be fried.


The subsequent step consists of mixing half spoon of mustard paste with milk and little water which should then be poured into the pan.


The fried fish should then be added. While the fish is kept in simmering heat a cup of water containing the chilies, mustard and sesame paste should be poured over it. The pan should be covered for several minutes following which salt should be added according to requirement. The content should be allowed to boil for 2 to three minutes.  


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Mustard Rui(Carp In Mustard)