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How To Melt Ice From The Freezer

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Regularly melt the ice from your freezer and do not allow it to thicken like this. Today, most of us don’t really need to worry about how to melt the ice from the freezer or rather how to de-frost a freezer – most models come with an auto de-frost switch, which quickly removes each and every trace of frost from your freezer. However, there sure are many (like my dear mother) who stick to their older refrigerator models (something like a family heirloom)… and this blog is for the benefit of all such people out there who struggle with all sorts of things to remove the ice frost from the walls of their freezer. Here I have provided some simple tips on safely, easily, and quickly melting ice from the walls of your freezer… so, read on


•    Firstly, empty your freezer and clean all food spills from the compartment before attempting any of the following methods.

•    Heat is the best way to melt any type of ice. Hence, the easiest way to de-frost your freezer would be to switch off the main power supply and keep the door of your freezer open. The warm air from outside will heat the ice coat enough to melt it off. However, this method will work efficiently only if you do the de-frosting regularly and don’t allow the ice coat to thicken.

•    In case, you have neglected your freezer for too long and are faced with a glacial thick coat of frost and ice then warming method might take ages. Hence, in such cases you can keep a pan of hot water into the freezer and close the door – the heat from the hot water pan will melt the ice. You might have to reheat the water a couple of times before the melting process starts. 

•    Once, the ice starts to melt, use a dishcloth to pick up all the water and brocken pieces of ice and discard them into the sink – DO NOT USE THIS ICE FOR AND EDIBLE PURPOSE. The frost ice is unsanitary and not edible.

•    After removing all the ice from the freezer compartment, wipe it clean, keep all the freezer containers back and switch on the mains of your freezer.

So, that’s how you melt the ice from your freezer. If you too have a freezer without an auto de-frost option then, do let me know of the various methods that you use to melt the ice.

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How To Melt Ice From The Freezer