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Foodie Thoughts for February 6 - Nutella Day

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 Foodie fans today is Nutella Day!  Hazenut chocolate goodness...  Nutella goes well with just about any type of bread, any type of frut - and good just by itself on a spoon...


Some Nutella info from Wikipedia...


Although Nutella was first marketed in 1964, its predecessor — a spread named "Supercrema", had been marketed by Ferrero since 1951 though records indicate that supercrema was developed in 1949, and it was in turn derived from a previous product known as "Pasta Gianduja"; the latter was a solid block (not a spread) created by Pietro Ferrero, the brand founder, in 1946 with an initial sale of 660 pounds. The main chocolate-like flavoring ingredient, hazelnut, is a typical product of the Langhe, the area of Piedmont where the Ferrero family originates (Pietro had its patisserie in Alba, Province of Cuneo). These products were all preparations of gianduja, a chocolate and hazelnut blend developed in Italy after excessive taxes on cocoa beans hindered the diffusion of conventional chocolate.



In 1963, Pietro's son Michele Ferrero decided to revamp Supercrema, with the intention of marketing it Europe-wide; its composition was modified, as well as the label image and brand name: the name "Nutella" (based on the word "nut") and its logo were registered towards the end of the same year, and remain unchanged to this day. The first jar of Nutella left the Ferrero factory in Alba (in the Province of Cuneo, Piedmont), on April 20, 1964. The product was an instant success, and remains widely popular to this day. The estimated Italian production of Nutella averages 179,000 tons per year.



The Italian pronunciation is IPA: [nuˈtɛlːa], and an approximation of this is made in most other languages, including American English. In the UK, however, Nutella is normally pronounced /nʌˈtɛlə/, reflecting its derivation from the English word "nut" /nʌt/.



Nutella is a modified form of gianduja. The exact recipe is a secret closely guarded by Ferrero. According to the product label, the main ingredients of Nutella are sugar and modified vegetable oils, followed far behind by hazelnut, cocoa and skimmed milk, comprising together at most 28% of the ingredients. The recipe for Nutella varies in different countries. In the case of Italy the formulation uses less sugar than the product sold in France. Nutella is marketed as "hazelnut cream" in many countries; it cannot be labeled as a chocolate cream under Italian law, as it does not meet minimum cocoa concentration criteria.

Despite being advertised as a healthy breakfast choice for children, about half of the calories in Nutella come from fat (11g in a 37g serving, or 99 kcal out of 200 kcal) and about 40% of the calories come from sugar (20g, 80 kcal).


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Foodie Thoughts For February 6 - Nutella Day