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Learn The Common Spanish Phrases For Food

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Speaking Spanish phrases sometimes become necessary when food looks so delicious!Never think of not visiting a country just because you don’t know the language. If in Spain, you must definitely try the hot and spicy pork, lamb and chicken delicacies, amazing varieties of fruits and vegetables and their unforgettable seafood. Speaking in Spanish is not that difficult as you might have thought of. This article can be your pocket guide to common Spanish phrases for food if you decide to visit the Mediterranean country anytime in future.

If you are a meat eater: Say pollo if you are a chicken fan, chuleta de cerdo for chopped pork or chuleta de cordero for chopped lamb. Spaniards term conejo for rabbit, pato for duck and jamón for ham. Spaniards make delicious seafood because it is available in abundance since Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay surround the country. Pez is the word for fish, cangrejo for crab, gambas for prawns, camarones for shrimps, ostra for oysters, langostas for lobster and mejillones for mussels. Mariscos is the common word to describe seafood in general.
If you are a vegetarian: You must do your homework of learning or at least knowing what you want in a country like Spain. Ask for ensalada verde, if you want green salad. Potato means patata in Spanish. Carrot is zanahoria, peas is guisantes, mushroom is champigñón, cauliflower is coliflor, lettuce is lechuga, onion is cebolla, leek is puerro, cucumber is pepino and cabbage is col in Spanish. Learn that ajo phrase is used to refer garlic, which is the base of all Spanish cuisine.
If you are a fruit lover: Fruit lovers should know fruta is fruit. Apples are called manzana, oranges are naranja, banana is plátano, lemon is limon, peach is melocotón, apricot is albaricoque, strawberry is fresa, pineapple is piña, cherry is cereza, tomato is tomate and grape is uva.

Fast food snacks: If you want fast food snacks from streets you must know that Spaniards call tortilla to refer omelet, los huevos to refer eggs and el pan to refer bread. You can get a hot dog, if you ask for perrito caliente, fries when say patatas fritas. Helados is the phrase for ice cream in Spanish, while crepe is for pancake, croissant is croissant, yogur is yoghurt and sopa is soup.

So if you do not want to carry pictures of what you want while visiting Spain, learn these Common Spanish Phrases For Food and simply enjoy your stay there.
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Learn The Common Spanish Phrases For Food