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Writing a good Blog

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When I first started  writing on the internet, I found that there was a wealth of information already and I was just repeating it by writing what I have read. Then I started reading about what and how to write and I came across several websites telling you the How-Tos.

I found these useful and thought of sharing them with you all at ifood. Some or rather most of them seemed evident, but you do steer away sometimes.

First of all there is a lot of information all around so if you want your blogs to be read,  make them short and fill them with your ideas and experiences. When somebody reads your blog they want to know what you think not what is known already. So let them know your views. You will have people wanting more because they want to know your opinion.

Be as short as possible. Nobody has time to read someone  just going on and on and on. I bet you skipped that third ON.  So keep it short but descriptive. That is the art, explain what you feel in a precise way and then move on. That way your next blog will be lookied forward to as a short conversation not like a long boring speech.

Be consistent. People will love it. We all want to be comfortable and always be able to predict. If they know your style they know what to expect. You would have dedicated people coming again and again.

Always read what you write. You do make mistakes when you think and write at the same time. Sometimes sentences could be shortened, words could be replaced and sometimes you just might add something more.

Keep in mind it is your space, it is a good opportunity to let your voice out. Write powerful words. Share your experiences, let your mind guide you. Vent your thoughts and always make it to the point.


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Writing A Good Blog