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HALEEM a favourite in KARACHI.

First U people must know the base of “HALEEM” are some grains and meat with spices

Few people think that haleem was originated in the month of “MUHARRAM”, during the war between HAZRAT HUSSAIN(A.S.) and YAZEED. It’s a long story that will a take a long time but it does not has any connection with the topic I am talking about.



In Pakistan & India it is specially prepared at the month of Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar. Even it is used as a daily menu all over Pakistan specially in Karachi.

Most of the people like the dish a lot. The dish takes a quite lengthy time to be cooked.

The ingredients of the dish are seven essential grains, five types of pulses, wheat and oat.

Any type of meat including chicken, mutton or beef with sharp spices are required for the dish. When it is cooked in a large quantity it takes a long time. Most of the families in Karachi arrange the Haleem cooking party for the whole night as a picnic.





Haleem is a thick Persian high calorie dish. In ,Antolia Iran, the Caucasus region and northern Iraq, types of haleem are Keshkek and Harisa. Although the dish varies in other regions, it always includes wheat, lentils and meat.Haleem is made of wheat, meat (usually beef or mutton, but sometimes chicken or minced meat), lentils and spices. This dish is cooked for seven to eight hours before it is ready to be served. Its slow cooked a whole day resulting the dish in a form of a paste with the taste of spices and meat blending with wheat.Haleem is popular in India and Pakistan and amongst Indian Muslims and Pakistanis throughout the world, especially during Ramzan. In India, haleem prepared in Hyderabad, during the Ramadan season, is very famous and is distributed all over the country.In Bangladesh, Haleem has attained a significant level of popularity in the urban centres. It is now a very popular food item in capital Dhaka during Ramadan. The preparation of haleem is complicated.Haleem is a very popular dish in Pakistan .The city of Hyderabad is known for its delectable haleem, which is available only during Ramadan. It is a mainstay during the Holy month of Ramadan. This traditional wheat porridge has its roots in Arabia, and is a derivative of harees. Haleem, a feminine dish, is made by a couple of ingredients. To top that off, you sprinkle with lemon juice and/or spicy masala to add flavorEven today mitthi (sweet) and khari (salted) haleem variants are served for breakfast in the homes of the Arabs living in the Barkas area of Hyderabad.The salted variety is popular during the month of Moharram and Ramadan. The high-calorie haleem is the perfect way to break the ramadan fast. The ingredients are wheat, lentils, lamb, spices and ghee.

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