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History Of Pumpkin As Food

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Come October and its time for the Jack-o-lantern and the day of Halloween! When you are making your Jack –o- Lantern haven’t you wondered about the History of Pumpkin as food. Where this sweet vegetable was first found and who found it are just a few of the things that you will learn about  the pumpkin on reading more.
Beautiful Orange and Ripe Pumpkins  


The Pumpkin got its name from the Greek word “pepon” which means large melon. From Pepon the name was changed many a times as it passed hands from the French to the English. The French called it "pompon" while the English called it "pumpion". Though the word pumpion existed from the year 1547 it came in print only around 1647. Soon with the colonists entering into America the pumpion evolved into Pumpkin.
The pumpkin is believed to have originated in North America as seeds from the related plants dating back to 7000 and 5500 BC were found in Mexico. It was actually a vegetable that was the staple food for the Native Americans. The edible seeds of the fruit as well as the flesh were considered to be an important source of food for the Native Americans. They were also roasted raw and eaten off the fire or dried up after being cut up in to strips and then saved for later use. The seeds were also roasted and then eaten. They also found the Pumpkin Pie where the top of the pumpkin was sliced off and the seeds removed after which it is filled with milk, spices and honey and then baked on hot ashes of a dying fire.The base was the pumpkin itself.
When the white settlers reached America they realized the importance of growing the pumpkins on their own and got innovative with the vegetable by using them in a number of recipes. It even became a traditional Thanksgiving food. From their experiment were born pumpkin stews, pumpkin soups, pumpkin side dishes, pumpkin desserts and even a pumpkin beer!!!
The Pumpkin seed moved from America to England through the settlers and today it is used all around the world.
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