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Use Food To Form Family Ties

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Food And FamilyIn our fast paced lives families hardly have any time to sit together and relax or have meals together. This is the reason why people have started to use food to form family ties – this is a way to involve family members to sit together and have meals which is aimed to help the members get close to one another. Using food to get closer to family members is now becoming a way of life, if you are wondering how this can be done, check out some ways in which you can introduce this concept at home and revive your family bonding.


Get seniors involved: If you have grandparents at home, this is the best way to make them happy and keep them involved. You can ask them about some recipes which they love and which is no longer prepared. You can find out more about such recipes and make an attempt to prepare them at home. Invite some of your other close relatives to visit you and serve the food which is prepared. You can ask your parents or grandparents to share stories about such foods – it will make them happy and you too will learn about your cultural heritage and ancestors.

Suggestions for desserts: Everyone has their own choice of dessert. You might be fond of chocolateFamily and Food pudding but your mom might love apple tarts. The best way to bond family members is to prepare a dessert keeping in mind the favorite item of each member. Suppose on a Monday, you prepare your Dads favorite dessert while on Tuesday, you can make your grandfathers loved item and so on. This shall keep the spirit high – moreover while having the dessert, you can involve everyone to talk about that dessert and how it is better than the other….you will love the conversation.

Involve kids: You can involve your kids in meal preparation. If you have small children at home, they might not be able to chop and cut foods but they can help you by rinsing the food…if you have kids at home, you will know how kids love to spend time in the sink. This is a way you can keep everyone busy.

Serving dinner: This is the best time to involve everyone and let them feel that they are a part of the family. You can get the kids involved to set the cutlery. If someone senior in your family has prepared any recipe, you can ask the person to serve it to all. You will love to see  the satisfaction in them especially if they are your grandparents. Do not forget to ask questions or praise the food which is cooked…you can talk about variations of the dish and how the dish can be prepared even now, with slight modification or without any modifications.

Once dinner is complete, each member just needs to do a small chore of settling and keeping the dinner table clean. It is not just about sharing work, but also about being involved in food and eating. It is all about being a part of the family and not acting as a stranger.


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Use Food To Form Family Ties