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History Of Easter Eggs

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Easter eggs are beautifully decorated eggs which are a symbol of long lifeHow many of us actually know about the history of Easter eggs? These are beautifully decorated eggs which are used to celebrate Easter. Here is some information on their history and how they have become so popular.

Several experts claim that these eggs are pagan symbols.  Jakob Grimm - an eminent philologist, has emphasized their pagan connection to a Goddess who he has named as Ostara. 





There are some other theories on  Easter eggs as well:

• During Passover Seder a hard boiled egg is dipped in salt water which signifies new life and also a sacrifice which was offered in Jerusalem.

• Persians used to paint eggs as a part of their New Year celebrations which was on the Spring Equinox. This tradition of painting these eggs is said to have continued and now these eggs are known as Easter eggs.

• The egg is considered to be a symbol of new life. The tradition of Easter eggs probably started at the end of the deprivations of Lent.

• In the medieval times these eggs were forbidden during Lent. After the strict fasting days, the consumption of eggs was resumed and this was the time of Easter.Easter eggs are an integral part of Christian celebrations This is the time eggs became an integral part of Easter meals. These were given to children as gifts…and slowly eggs became an integral part of Easter.

There are many practices and traditions which are formed around Easter eggs:

• In Europe eggs are hung on St John’s tree in midsummer.

• Eggs were also laid on Good Friday during the Christian period. It was believed that if these eggs were kept for a 100 years the yolks would turn into diamonds.

• Eggs were cooked on Easter as it was believed that it would promote and protect the health of humans. Many people loved to have eggs because they believed that they would become rich.

Now, Easter eggs are made for everyone. For example ‘beeping Easter eggs’  make noises and clicks which allow visually impaired children to look for them. The main aim of these eggs has always been to bring happiness and cheer in the lives of everyone. Besides these, there are numerous eggs which look extraordinarily pretty.

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History Of Easter Eggs