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History Of Frozen Foods

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The Early History of Frozen Foods
You might get surprised by knowing the fact that the history of frozen food has started from as early as 3000 B.C. This is the time when ancient Chinese people used to preserve food in ice cellars for using in cold winter days. The Roman history has also mentioned of storing food in insulated containers inside compressed snow. However, for the modern way of having frozen food, only one person can be given credit and he is Clarence Birdseye. In early 19th century, he found out the way to preserve fresh food by observing the preserving method from Arctic area, which was actually the rapid freezing technique using extreme low temperature. Being back in US, he spent days after days to research and find out the modern method of obtaining frozen food.  He sold out his patents and trademarks to the Goldman-Sachs Trading Corporation and the Posturn Company. In 1930, the company marketed the first frozen food including vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood with the trademark as Birds Eye Frosted Foods. From this point onwards, the frozen food history has grown up till today.

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The Modern History of Frozen Foods
In 1953, the first frozen ready meal pack hit the market and rapidly took off the popularity among the post-war British population. In 1960s, people started to realize the usefulness of this frozen ready meal packs. They were having less time and energy to prepare food at home, so they liked the convenient idea of buying readymade food packs. At the same time, they were enjoying the delicious taste of these perfectly cooked foods without spending more money to the restaurants.  BY 1970, the frozen food became the regular item to buy for the grocery. Other than frozen ready meals, frozen pizza, frozen chips and frozen desserts became much popular to the generation of 70’s. During the 80’s, the people started to be more aware of the nutritional facts of these frozen foods. The issue of nutrition became debatable. However, the manufacturers of frozen food became quite concerned to maintain the nutritional factors. 90’s were the days, when people started to buy frozen desserts for their personal consumption sitting at home. But, the debate of nutrition in frozen food history, again came up during the new millennium. People wanted to have more fresh food than frozen, stored food just to add up their level of nutrition.

However, there are frozen foods which do not add any chemical preservative and can offer the same amount of nutrition just like the fresh food. In fact, the frozen food can be much more reliable than the normal, fresh food, as the freezing technique helps to retain the complete nutritional value. The best aspect of frozen food is that you can have any seasonal food at any time of the year.

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History Of Frozen Foods