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Effects Of Food Coloring On Health

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Very bright and colorful fruits and vegetables are certainly not fresh - they are the result of powerful chemicals sprayed on themWe love to see bright colored fruits, candies, packed foods, and juices too – but have you ever wondered if the color is natural? Color additives are added to most of our loved food items to make them look attractive and delicious. We all know that anything which is artificial is not good for our health and effects our health in some way or the other – wouldn't you wonder about the harm caused by food colors?

Well, just as in case of all artificial elements food coloring substances also have some hazards. Colorful beverages are known to be very harmful for our health and can cause several problems in the long run. If you do not know much about the harmful effects of food coloring on our health, here is some information:

• Children who consume large quantities of colored candies, juices and fruits are known to suffer from conditions of attention deficit, behavioral disturbances and also hyperactivities.
• Severe kind of allergies is also known to occur due to large consumption of colored substances.
• Other problems which are known to be directly related to food coloring chemicals are fatigue, nausea, nervousness, agitation and also problems related to concentration.
• There is also a very high risk associated with Hodgkins disease.

Different types of food colors are used in the making of several food items. Here are some coloring agents which are known to have some severe side effects.
• Red 3 is a very common food color which is known to cause tumors which are related to thyroid.Bright colored goodies like cakes, candies and sweets can be the cause of several diseases due to harmful food colors being present in them.
• D and C red 33 are those chemicals which are responsible for cancer and also in genetic problems related to health.
• If you find some brightly colored candies and sweets very delicious and attractive – be very careful. It is possible that Red 40 has been used to give the sweet its bright color. This agent is responsible for the cause of different types of allergies.
• Several dairy products and drinks have blue 1 – which is known to be responsible for cancer.
• Blue 2 is another coloring agent which can cause brain tumor, and also other problems such as nausea, rashes and different types of allergies.
• Citrus red 2 is often added to fruits to make them look fresh and juicier such as oranges. It is very harmful for our body, as it can lead to cancer.
• Green 3 is known to have carcinogenic links which is very harmful for the human body.
• Green S is mainly used in jellies, canned peas and also in cake mixes. It is responsible for several allergic reactions.
• Several colored cereals, jams and sweets can be very harmful for our body as they contain FD&C yellow 5 which can be responsible for asthma attacks as well as problems of breathing.

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Effects Of Food Coloring On Health