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Why Do We Crave For Certain Foods

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Why Do We Crave For Certain FoodsYou must have felt the sudden craving for some certain foods such as potato chips or chocolate. Do you ever wonder why do we crave for certain foods? Well, now researchers has finally investigated the reason behind these uncontrollable craving. The recent research digging into this thought was reviewed by Psychological scientists Eva Kemps and Marika Tiggemann of Flinders University, Australia. The research was done about food cravings and the way to control them. 

There is a big difference in hunger and food cravings as the later is for specific food. We always face various food cravings from time to time. But, for some of us, food cravings could be a serious health issue. Food cravings can lead to various health problems like obesity, weird eating disorders, and may even end up in deep feeling of shame and guilt. The study showed that mental imagery is one of the key reasons for specific food cravings. People start making vivid images of the food in their mind and they have a hard time while doing their regular daily tasks.     

The outcome of one similar research discovered that volunteers who were facing craving for a specific food reported to have reduced food cravings right after they shaped picture of common sights. For instance, the volunteers were asked to visualize a rainbow or think of smelling a eucalyptus instead of just mental imagining the food. This somehow helped them to reduce their food cravings. According to the researchers, “these findings indicate that engaging in a simple visual task seems to hold real promise as a method for curbing food cravings." 

To get more detailed answers of why do we crave for certain foods, you can have a look at the study. You can find the study in print in the current issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, a periodical by Association for Psychological Science. 

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Why Do We Crave For Certain Foods