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All About Sweet Potato

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Finally, second How-To video!

I have began to realize that a huge obstacle that stands in the way of people cooking healthy, delicious meals for themselves is that they simply don’t know how to select, store, and prepare the ingredients!

So I thought it would be a great idea to start making some How-To videos showing you guys the basic steps you need to know to get cookin’. I know for myself, once I actually see something done, it gives me more confidence to attempt it. So I’m hoping that if you guys can actually SEE how to work with different ingredients this will encourage you to try it yourself;).

And since we’re sticking to the basics, my husband suggested calling these videos “101’s”, which I thought was a pretty good name. What do you guys works, right?

So ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you my very 1st “Ingredient 101” —The Sweet Potato!

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Sweet Potato Declassified
Sweet potato is a root vegetable and is a rich source of carbohydrates, dietary fibers and few vitamins. The video will give you all the info about sweet potato and its culinary uses.

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All About Sweet Potato Video, Sweet Potato Declassified