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Benefits of Kale

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I decide that Kale would be the perfect "Food Focus" ingredient this month. I figure why not kick off the New Year with the one ingredient that is missing in most American diets...Dark Leafy Greens!

In this video I go over some of the benefits of kale as well as how to select, store, and prep it.

I'll be highlighting Kale all month, so if you guys have any ideas, tips, recipes, etc. that have to do with this glorious green, I'd love to hear about them!!

Be sure to check out all of the different ways to incorporate Kale into your kitchen by trying some of the recipes higlighted in "Food Focus". You'll notice some of the original recipes use a leafy green other than Kale, but I included them anyway because Kale could easily be subbed in any of the dishes.

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All About Kale
Kale is a well known super food that can be eaten both in cooked form and raw. This green super food is a rich source of nutrients. Watch out the video and learn everything about the healthy kale.

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Benefits Of Kale Video, All About Kale