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How Are Corn Flakes Made

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Learn how our favorite corn flakes are made from sweet cornWe all love to have corn flakes for our breakfast – they are healthy, easy to make and very nutritious, but have you ever wondered how are corn flakes made? Yes, most of us know that sweet corns are used in making corn flakes – but what is the process?
Let us know about the process in which corn flakes are prepared from sweetcorn.

• Sweet corn is ripened for around 140 days.
• After 140 days they are transferred to a factory where they undergo a milling process.
• In the milling process, the corn kernels are removed from the cobs.
• These are then turned into flaking sized grits.
• Malted barley is added to this so that the flakes get a lovely flavor.
• Corn grits are then cooked in steam pressure cookers. If any special flavor needs to be added like chocolate, honey or strawberry – it is added during this process.
• Corn grits are cooked for 60 minutes. It is enough to soften the grits.
• These grits are then transferred to large driers. This is done through a network of pipes in a factory.
• Grits are left in the driers for several hours so that the moisture is reduced.
• Corn grits are then milled which makes them flat and elongated.
• These flakes are tumble toasted for 30 seconds in cylindrical ovens. Flakes inside the oven are tossed and whirled around.
• Next, these are sprayed with minerals and vitamins so that they are very nutritious.
• Corn flakes are now ready to be packed.

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How Are Corn Flakes Made