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National Soups of the World

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AMERICAN: MANHATTAN CLAM CHOWDER:Chopped Clams in fish stock, potatoes, pork, leeks, celery, carrots, and tomatoes.

CHICKEN OKRA :Consommé with tomato stock and celery. A garnish of rice, okra, tomatoes and chicken.

BELGIUM: HOTCH-POT-FLAMANDE:As for Petit Marmite but with ox-tails, beef and mutton. Garnish of Brunoise of all vegetables.

ENGLAND: GREEN TURTLE SOUP:Consommé with a sachet of turtle herbs and turtle meat. Garnish of turtle meat and this is flambeed.

FFRANCE:-PETIT MARMITE:Chicken Stock with a garnish of marrow and croutons.

GERMANY : LEBERKNOEDEL – SUPPE:Consommé with liver dumpling.

HUNGARY : PAPRICA SOUP Consommé spiced with paprika and a garnish of diced beef, and a Brunoise of vegetables including potatoes, garlic and cumin.

INDIA: MULLIGATAWNY Soup: Curried lentil soup garnished with rice and chicken dices. Served with a wedge of lemon. See recipe on

ITALY: MINESTRONE Paysanne cut vegetables, black eye beans – Tomatoes, spaghetti, potatoes and carrots.

POLAND: BORSCHTFumet of Duckling – highly spiced with grated raw beetroot.

SPAIN: OLLA PODRIDA Petit Marmite with ham, chicken, chick peas, a chiffonade of lettuce and saffron to colour.

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National Soups Of The World