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They are simply stocks cooked to a gelatinous consistency. Meat glaze is made from brown stock, Glace de volaille is made from chicken stock, and Glace de poisson is from fish stock. To prepare a glaze first reduce the stock to half its volume, strain it, and continue to reduce over a slow flame, until you get an even coating of the glaze on the spoon .They can be used in sauces and soups to intensify the flavour. However they cannot be used to recreate the stock they were made from.



Vegetable stocks One can easily make a stock with the flavour you want, depending on which vegetables you use. You can use vegetables that are light in colour to get a pale colour and lighter flavoureg. Celery root, onions, or turnips.


 You can carmelize vegetables to get a deep amber colour, or you can use specific vegetables such as fennel or corn to create a stock with a specific flavour, of one vegetable. Cooking time for a vegetable stock would be about 60 minutes. Strain it and then reduce for about 45 minutes.

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