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Top 10 Food Containing Wheat

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Wheat being one of the healthiest ingredients, all of us are aware of its numerous benefits. But when asked about the top 10 food containing wheat, are we really so well informed? May be not! So here’s a quick account of the most common foods that contain wheat.

Wheat aids in reducing weightWheat in different proportions is present in different items. The top 10 categorization here has been based on the top 10 most commonly available items.

• Flour:
Flour is the most direct option of wheat or wheat grain. Almost all kinds of flour, be it white, bran or brown flour, have wheat in them. Buckwheat flour also has portions of wheat. The most common way of consuming flour is in the form of hand made breads, for example, the Indian rotis, the Greek pita breads, the Afghani naans and so on.

• Bread:
Talking about breads, almost all kinds of freshly baked breads have wheat content in them. Therefore, whether you have them as bread toasts or French toasts or even as sandwiches, you actually intake some amount of wheat.

• Baked Goods:
All those baked goodies have some good amount of wheat in them. So, all your cookies, cakes and pasties are good and delicious sources of wheat intakes.

• Breaded or Battered items:
Any item that is breaded and battered is rich in wheat content. Vegetable cutlets, fish fries, chicken wings, fried chicken breasts – the choices of consuming wheat in this way are numerous.

• Pasta:
Though the Italian staple food - pastas - is usually made of rice or quinoa, they are also quite frequently made of wheat. So any type of wheat pasta is a good way of consuming wheat.

• Pizza:
Talking about Italian food, how can we not talk about Pizza? The pizza base is always made of wheat, which in turn gives a touch of crispiness to this Italian dish.

• Cereals:
Most cereals are made up of wheat. Thus, most breakfast items, like oats, barley, wheat flakes, etc are rich in wheat content.

• Milk and Milk Products:
Strangely, even milk and milk products have considerable amount of wheat in them. Thus, malted milk, milk drink containing powdered wheat cereal, cottage cheese, etc have certain wheat containing ingredients.
• Sauces and Dips:
Almost all commercially prepared sauces have wheat-content in them. Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Teriyaki sauce and Horseradish sauce are some of the most popular sauces that are abundantly rich in wheat content.

Any thickening agent, like corn flour and starch contain wheat as well. Therefore, dips, soups and gravy mixes, which largely contain corn flour, also invariably contain wheat.

Even some salad dressings contain wheat-enriched emulsifiers.

• Instant Drinks:
All instant drinks like instant coffee, instant tea and cocoa powder contain some amount of wheat in them. These also contain powdered malted chocolate milk, which in turn contains wheat.

Knowing the names of food containing wheat is a two-way advantage for us. Wheat is good for reducing weight, reducing risks of metabolic syndrome, reducing risks of Type 2 diabetes and so on. So, if you have been recommended to take wheat-based food, this list will help you to know how exactly your diet chart should look. On the other hand, if you are prone to gluten allergy, then avoiding wheat intake is the best for you. While we may know the names of the foods that commonly contain wheat, there are others about which we may not be aware. This list, therefore, informs you about the kind of food you need to avoid as well.  

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Top 10 Food Containing Wheat