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Best Practices for sharing Recipes, Videos and Blogs

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The three simple things that can drastically improve reach of your content are a)proper naming b)detailed description c)careful tagging.


Tips for maximizing reach of your recipes.


1. Please write an inviting recipe description. Recipe name and description are the key factors in driving audience. 

2. Simply write the name of the recipe in recipe name field. Do not add extra stuff. 

3. Your name and picture is generally displayed next to the recipe. It is not necessary to include it in recipe name. 

4. If this recipe is part if a series or show, please put those names in series-name field, not in the recipe name. 

5. In case there is a story, family tradition, production challenges, incident etc, associated with the recipe, please share it. Many recipes are similar, but stories are personal and unique. 

6. Please take the time to complete the tag information. It makes it easier for people as well as search engines to find your recipes. 

7. Try to follow a standard format for ingredient list. An example will be quantity, measuring unit, ingredient ( 2 tablespoon salt ). This makes it easier to convert to other units and calculate nutrition information. 

8. Write step by step method in simple and clear language. Cooks are thanking you in advance. 

9. Share a picture or video of your recipe. 

10. Share a high quality picture of recipe even if you are loading a video. Beautiful pictures will drive more traffic to your video. A picture cropped from video is not enough. 

11. If you have a video which shows how to prepare a dish please load it under recipe section.


Tips for Maximizing your Video views


1.      Name it properly. Think about what people are looking for or what is the main message of your video.

2.      Write a detailed description of your videos. We live in search oriented web, people will find your videos through description and tags. If you have transcript of the video, please share it.

3.      Tag your videos properly. Again think about what are the different words people can use to find your videos.

4.      Load an inviting picture of your video. iFood enables you to load your own teaser picture for video. In a listing of 10-20 videos, picture is likely to be drive of the audience choice.

Tips for Maximizing your blog readers


1.      Give a meaningful and useful name to each of your blog. Joe Smith Blog 57 or 20 Jan 2008 blog are not good names. Try to name as per main message of your blog. 

2.      Everyone has his or her own style of writing. However structured writing with good introduction of topic generally gets more audience and response. A blog ending with succinct summary or action items fairs well with audience.


The key is proper naming, detailed description and careful tagging.


Please post your questions, clarification, personal tips, disagreements in comments.

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Best Practices For Sharing Recipes, Videos And Blogs