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Health Tips to Increase Your Brain Capacity

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Take to take advantage of 21st century technology by using these simple and inexpensive steps to improving your brain power.

1. Yes, exercise is critical. It is not only good for body but also phenomenal for your brain. It helps you becoming creative.
2. Get outside in daylight. Get sun and fresh air.
3. Get a goodnight sleep. 6-8 hrs is good. Not less or not too much. Not sleeping enough increases your probability of becoming diabetic. Sleep on time; 9-10PM is good.
4. Avoid processed food. Unfortunately 90% of American food is processed. Go for raw and organic.
5. Eat more fat. Yes eat for healthy fat - more omega3 and less omega6. Take fish oil.
6. Use your brain. Use it or loose it.
7. Implement creative visualization techniques. Use tools like EFT. The movie "Secret" has nice examples of this.

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Modern Healthy Tips
Video is all about how exercise, fresh air, and mental health is important to keep yourself fit and fine. There are some typical healthy tips to remain healthy, wealthy and hearty with the seven tips high lighted here.

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Health Tips To Increase Your Brain Capacity Video, Modern Healthy Tips