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Triffle Pudding With Variations


Ingredients :Vanilla cake 200 gms,Jam 75 gms, 2 cups Custard made out of milk -thick consistency, fruits /- Mango.custard apple,chikoo,pineapple,orange,apple - 1/-2 of each.

Preparation : Chop all the fruits to small pieces and keep aside . Take a baking flat tray . Crumble the vanilla cake in the bowl,spread evenly. Pour the custard over it evenly. Then the jam&chopped fruits evenly over it. Now put a second layer of it again in the same manner till all the material gets over. Put the full tray after arranging all the things together one over the other nicely in the fridge. Chill the triffle pudding atleast for 2 hrs before serving . While serving scoop the pudding out till down and serve pudding in the bowls. Yummy delicious desert is ready.

Variation/- Some fruits are seasonal so you may skip those and take the available ones.

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Triffle Pudding With Variations