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Ingredients : Maida 2 cups, wheat flour 1/2 cup,salt-1tsp ,refined oil-less then a cup,oil or ghee for frying,kalonji-1/4 tsp, some water.

Method : Sieve the flours in a thali. Add salt to it and mix nicely. Now heat the oil and pour it over the

flour. Add kalonji and mix well to form a dough. Add water little by little to bind the flour properly. Add somemore oil and maida if the mixture becomes sticky.After the dough is is kneaded smooth enough take little portion and roll it on rolling pin. Make it round shape and thick enough! Do not make it thin like royi.Cut straight length wise and width wise to small diamond shape. Heat oil moderately, add the cut nimkees for frying. Fry all the Nimkees on medium flame till light yellow in colour. Take out them on a tissue paper so that access oil is soaked up. After the nimkees are of room temperature you may store them in an airtight container for 15-20 days and have it.

The Nimkees are salty to taste which serves as a great snacks.

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