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Mint Dhokla


Ingredients: Chana dal 300 gms,Rice 100gms,Urad dal 100gms, Soda-bi-carb-3/4 tsp,oil,mustard seeds,hing,Mint leaves (pudina)1small bunch,5 green chillies,sugar 3-4tsps,salt to taste,water,3tsp ginger garlic paste,4tbsp Lemon juice,grated coconut-optional. Oil 3-4 tbsp.

Method: Soak rice and both dals separately for 4hrs. After that grind them to a fine paste. After grinding them mix in a big Vessel and keep it to ferment for 6hrs.atleast.

Make a smooth paste of mint leaves,green chillies and keep aside.

Take the dal batter- add ginger garlic paste,salt,sugar,oil paste and mix well. Take a heavy bottom Kadahi add sufficient water in it and put a sieve in it upside down.Grease a Thali and keep ready. Now take half the batter in another container,add half of the soda-bi-carb to the batter&mix throughly and pour it over the greased thali immediately. Put this thali over the seive and cover it with a big lid. Put the whole kadahi on gas at high flame for a while then on medium flame.Keep this on gas for 20mins to 25mins.

To see if the Mint Dhokla is done,put a knife in it and see if it comes out clean then the dhokla is ready & if it sticks then keep it for some more time till done.

Cool the dhokla.Add a seasoning over it.Heat little oil then put hing and mustard seeds.When they start spluttering put it over th Mint Dhoklas. Decorate it with grated coconut & Cut the dhokla in small pieces and serve with chutney.

Repeat the same with the remaining batter.

CHUTTNEY PREPARATION :Take half coconut,grate it.1tsp garlic paste,salt,sugar half tsp.,3green chillies.Grind all these together adding some water to a fine paste.Chuttney is ready.You can season it with rai,kadipatta if you wish.

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Mint Dhokla