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A Tour to the Health Food Store on What to Buy and What Not to Buy - Part 2

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A Walk In The Health Food Store
A video shot by Monica, who is taking us to a walk through a health food store. In this video, she is talking how a health food store works to keep all the ingredients healthy and fresh.

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I love this show. Are all these guys hanging around you are idealbalance clients? I would recommend naming it in specific sections - veg aisle, fish aisle etc. Your family is vegetarian hmm, are you too? Piece of advice to video editor, 30 sec repetitive intro at start of every video is too much. Put the intro in profile and let us just learn. If someone likes it they can dig deeper and find out.
A Tour To The Health Food Store On What To Buy And What Not To Buy - Part 2 Video, A Walk In The Health Food Store