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All You Want To Know : CREAM

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 creamCream is the butter fat content of whole cow’s milk, separated from the water. The principal difference between the various types of cream -single cream, double cream, whipping cream, clotted cream and soured cream - is the balance between water and butterfat. This will make them liquid or of a very thick consistency.


Other differences are in the way they have been made and their time for maturing which results in different tastes. Single Cream: contains not less than 18% butterfat. It cannot be whipped due to their being too little butterfat. Double cream: contains not less than 45% butterfat. It can be whipped but not too much as it will turn to butter. It can be used to enrich sauces, but may curdle if boiled along with acid ingredients. Whipping Cream: contains not less than 38% butterfat. It is perfect for whipping as its name indicates. After whipping you will find a difference in texture and a change in volume. Sweetened or unsweetened cream can be used in desserts or can be used as an accompaniment, and is incorporated in mousses to lighten them. Clotted Cream: contains not less than 55% butterfat. It is already very thick so it can be used as it is and not whipped. Soured Cream: These are single creams which contain about 20% butterfat, but have a souring culture in them, and they are matured. Half and Half: is a mixture of milk and cream in equal quantities and contains about 10-12% butterfat. Note: Cream should be whipped at around 4*c. And for this it will be helpful to chill the bowls also so as to allow little dissipation of heat.


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All You Want To Know : CREAM