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What is the difference between peanut butter and jam? - Peanuts for Jam?

difference between peanut butter and jam

When you have a slice of bread awaiting you at breakfast, the sure-quick way to fill up its accompaniment is to go for the smooth ‘n’ soft yum peanut butter or the fruity ‘n’ flavorsome jam. Both serve the purpose. When you take a bite from the spreads on your slice, ever wondered as to what is the difference between peanut butter and jam?


The first and foremost thing that would spring to your mind is the make: One is obviously ‘based in peanuts’ and the other depending upon the flavor, ‘dwells’ upon fruits and nuts. That’s the basic distinction. But what more than that, which gives both your peanut butter and jam, the right royal place of honor with the bread. What makes them both tasty and yet distinct? What is the difference between peanut butter and jam?


From ground-up, the processing, the ingredients and the refining, till they make themselves an indispensable edible, a ‘count-me-in’ filler or just the a-spoonful-to-pass-by, (especially when you have the indomitable hunger-pangs, just after incomplete meals, and want to dig into the larder), the differences between peanut butter and jam are as striking as the similarities.


Making Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is made from roast and ground peanuts, which is made into a paste and then treated with hydrogenated vegetable oils, dextrose, salt, sweeteners. Peanut butter is available in both smooth (to go as a spread on soft-bakes) and crunchy varieties (for the crisper bakes such as cookies). However, organic peanut butter will have purely peanuts and salt.


Making Jam

Jam is a make of fruit juice of or fruit extracts.It is basically a fruit/vegetable preservative, where fruit pieces are crushed/mashed and cooked at high heat. In the vegetable category, fleshy vegetables can be used, where as, small, juicy fruits are used to make a fruit jam.  Depending upon the nature of fruit or vegetable, the paste may be treated with food additives preservatives, and sweeteners .


Salient Points of difference


  • Jams are chiefly made of fruits or some times vegetables, whereas Peanut butter is only made up of roasted, ground peanuts.
  • Peanut butter is nourishing as it has a high-nutritive value with an ample supply of proteins along with magnesium, vitamins B3 and E, and p-coumaric acid,  whereas Jams don’t rank much in the health factor.
  • Jams basically contain the fruit pulp and the seeds whereas peanuts alone are roasted and ground to make peanut butter.
  • Peanuts rate high in calories as compared to Jams.

The thin yet visible line of difference between peanut butter and jams gets a sharper view with our clear-cut detailing about the process in making, the nutrient-value and the health factor.


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What Is The Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam? - Peanuts For Jam?