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What Is Beef Wellington?

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If you want to know what is Beef Wellington, then, let me tell you that, it is nothing but a special beef preparation. Beef Wellington is prepared with fillet steaks that are coated with duxelles and pâté. These coated fillet steaks are then wrapped with a puff pastry and finally put inside the oven for baking. While this is the basic and the most widely followed preparation of Beef Wellington, there are certain variations too. For example, some chefs like to wrap the fillet steaks of Beef Wellington in crêpe. They say that, when the coated meat is wrapped in this way, it retains the moisture and this way the pastry is prevented from getting soggy. Beef Wellington is a traditional fare, which is, very popular throughout England.beef-wellington-in-puff-pastry


Origin of Beef Wellington

Well, sadly, the origin of Beef Wellington is quite doubtful, or let’s say, unclear for that matter. One study suggests Beef Wellington derives its name from the 1st Duke of Wellington, who was named Arthur Wellesley. The preparation was named so, because of the Duke’s love for truffles, pastries, mushrooms, beef and Madeira wine. Other theories suggest that, the preparation resembled his boots!


Varied tastes of Beef Wellington

Now that, you have learnt what is Beef Wellington all about, I will now give you an idea on how the meat is cooked in different ways. One of the other popular ways of preparing Beef Wellington is slicing the meat. In doing so, the chef usually takes a whole tenderloin, coats it with spices, wraps it like usual and then bakes the way it’s done everywhere. The difference is, in this preparation the meat is sliced just before serving. Sometimes, the chef simply prefers to slice the tenderloin into individual portions before wrapping and baking it.


Blend of spices

The taste qualities of Beef Wellington start differing not only with the different preparation styles but also, with the ingredients that are used in it. The spices play an enormous role in determining the taste of the Beef Wellington. Different blends of spices can be added to enhance or modify the flavor of the meat. However, the popular ones are curry mix spices, allspice, grilling mix and ginger.


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What Is Beef Wellington?