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What Is Angus Beef?

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If you are wondering what is Angus beef, then, I have a simple answer for you. Have you heard about healthy meat? Well, that’s exactly what Angus meat is. Angus meat is a type of organic meat, which is gaining in a lot of popularity amongst the meat lovers, as more and more people are resorting to a healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Today, Angus meat has reached the status of being one of the most preferred beefs in the market. That can simply, be owed to its refined taste and health benefits.seared-tenderloin-of-angus-beef
Origin of Angus meat

If you haven’t already made out from its name, Angus beef comes from the breed of cattle called Angus. Owing to selective feeding, Angus cattle yields marbled meat, which is, considered good for health.
Health qualities of Angus beef

If you are wondering what is Angus beef like, then, let me tell you, that this is a kind of meat that contains unsaturated fatty acids. If you have already heard about Omega-3 fatty acids, then know that this variety of meat contains these fatty acids which are healthy. They bring down the risks of high blood pressure and in turn stimulate blood circulation. Besides, they also increase the protein breakdown into fibrin. That’s what makes Angus beef a safer option to several other varieties of meat. This meat is also recommended for figure conscious men and women, because, this is a lean meat which doesn’t give you extra layers of adipose under the skin!

Angus beef is popularly known as organic meat or natural meat. This is because of the way, the cattle is raised. No artificial breeding practices are followed in raising the Angus cattle. Angus cattle are raised by grass feeding and that’s what is the secret, behind, their meat being healthy. After all, the Omega-3 fatty acids you get by consuming this meat are actually found in the grass.

The Angus beef can be compared to the organic food items which are farmed without any food additives. And, just like there is a certification body like the National Organic Program to regulate the quality of organic foods, there is the American Angus Association to certify the authenticity of Angus beef products.

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What Is Angus Beef?