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How Are Jelly Beans Made

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Jelly beans are popular since the ancient times and are a hot favorite in the holiday season. So, if you are interested in learning how are jelly beans made, I am going to split the beans to you! Jelly beans are the modern versions of a Turkish delicacy which once belonged to the biblical times. The Jelly beans were first introduced in French cuisine, in the 18th century. These delicacies are widely eaten in Easter, because of their egg-shape. Gourmet jelly beans are smaller and softer with lesser calories.

So, here’s a rundown to show how are jelly beans made –
industrially-made-glossy-and-colorful-jelly-beansMeans to make jelly beans

For making jelly beans, the things that are required include natural flavors, coloring agents, sugar, corn syrup, anti-foaming elements and molding tray.

Jelly beans making procedure

Flavor selection

In the industrial level, jelly beans are made following a certain procedure. The first step is to determine the flavor of a unique jelly bean for which some experiments with new chemicals and flavors are conducted. Once the flavors are approved and test marketed, they then finally reach the open market.

Preparation of jelly beans

·         For making jelly beans, corn syrup, anti foaming elements like wax, coloring agents, flavors and other ingredients are mixed in a vat. Then the mixture is boiled till the syrup reaches the right consistency.

·         Then the syrup is passed through pipes and carried to the casting area where cornstarch coated casting trays await the syrup. These trays have molds for giving shapes to the jelly beans. Usually, there are some 1200 molds per casting tray.

·         The syrup is then poured in the molds and cooled overnight. The raw jelly beans are then steamed for removing the cornstarch.

·         In the next step, the jelly beans are coated with sugar and kept for up to 2 days. Then they are processed to harden up their shells and are polished for a glossy look.



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How Are Jelly Beans Made