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What is the most versatile dairy product? Could it be sour cream?

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Sour CreamWhat is it Well it is a dairy product made by fermenting regular cream. Its very high in fat. Bacterial culture added to fresh cream produces lactic acid which turns the cream sour and thick making sour cream The low fat variety is made from half and half.



The cream should always be refrigerated and the entire content should be discarded if any molds start forming. It can keep unopened for 4 weeks but once open use within 7 days.


Uses :

Primarily used for European and North American cuisine.On baked potatoes, creamy style salad dressing, cakes and biscuits. Sour cream and onion I love that flavor of potato chips.You can make a variety of dips for your chips and veggies by just adding your choice of ingredients to the sour cream. The versatility of the product comes from the fact that it can be and is liberally used in other cuisine as well. Who has had a Tex Mex food without it? As for Indian cooking this versatile product is a good match to the varied Indian cuisine. Use it to thicken any garvy specially the creamy ones or just add it to make a dish thicker. I use it for dal makhani and paneer makhani everytime. Sometimes the plain potato and tomato curry becomes rich by addtion. Ever make chakli at home? Just mix the sour cream with the rice flour add some salt and some tsesame seeds and Happy Cooking.

I am sharing an easy and yummy recipe of Shrikhand ( a dessert) made with sour cream in the recipe section so check it out. So just go ahead and be creative with this versatile product. Happy cooking.

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What Is The Most Versatile Dairy Product? Could It Be Sour Cream?