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How do I keep bananas fresh? – For the Fresh fruit Fulsome Flavor

You just bought a bunch of bananas a couple of days ago and now that you gravitate towards your fruit-basket for a banana-snack, you find the dismal banana peel oozing the over-ripe fruity liquid….not very inviting , is it? Pondering  ...”how do I keep bananas fresh?”
keeping bananas fresh - how to store
As bananas ooze oodles of the health factor along with tons of energy, it is but natural that you trip to the market once in a while and stock it up…but somehow nature seems to go against it. So how do you ‘insulate’ bananas? And, back to your own question, “how do I keep bananas fresh?”

Bananas tend to age or mature fast and have a short-life-span: maximum two days after maturity. Storing unripe bananas in the refrigerator will only tend to destroy the organic ingredients and also catalyze the ‘aging’ process. Refrigeration proves to be helpful only for ripe bananas.

So when you go homing back to ‘How do I keep bananas fresh and make them stay longer?” Here is what you can do.

  • At the time of buying the bananas make sure you don’t buy fully ripe ones, Yellow bananas with green patches at both ends, are the best buys. Also look out for bruises or blemishes on the banana peel. ‘Look and feel' of the bananas is important.
  • While storing the bananas, remember not to crowd them with other fruits or even amongst themselves. The pressure can cause bruises and expose the flesh. Try to keep the bananas on a hanging rack.
  • After the green patches of the bananas turn yellow, the bananas are said to be ripe. At room temperature, the ripened bananas will last only for two days. But you can make it last longer by keeping the bananas in the refrigerator.

If ‘how do I keep bananas fresh’ loomed large like the shadow of a Herculean task, making you wilt down for ideas, then our ideas simply press your ‘Refresh’ button!

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How Do I Keep Bananas Fresh? – For The Fresh Fruit Fulsome Flavor