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Mishti Dohi( Sweet curd).

Mishti Dohi is an unique deesrt. Its a famous dessert in all Bengali sweets   

Mishti Dohi is means sweet curd, but it prepare by a proper recipe and a differeht procedure.  

All begali sweets are very tasty and light in taste, and have positive effect for health also.  

I taste misti Dohi first time when I went to Calcutta / West Begal / India ( to see my in-laws).  

Mishti Dohi is also available in Karachi in mostly sweetmart those owners belongs from Bengal.  

But the Mishti Dohi of Dhaka sweet is too good in KARACHI,eventhan the Mishti Dohi of Calcutta is awsum, never taste that type of sweet dish.  

Its avilable in clay pots  


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Mishti Dohi( Sweet Curd).