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How To Make A Pizza Peel

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Tips on making a wooden pizza peel which shall prevent your pizza from stickingI used to hear about pizza peel but never really understood what it meant. I got to know about it finally when I attended the small workshop on how to make a pizza peel. Pizza peel is a professional method by which a pizza is prevented from sticking to its pan. This is another way to perfect cooking.
There are many types of pizza peel available but the most common type is the metallic one. Wooden pizza peel is also a good way to transfer your pizza and prevent the mess caused by dough sticking to the pan. Now, things have become much simpler and it is now possible to make a pizza peel at home.

Things you will need while making a pizza peel are the following:
• Mineral oil
• Cornmeal
• Wood piece
• Jigsaw
• Beveling tool
• Planer
• Power sander
1. You will have to buy a 14/24/1 inch blond alder. You should buy a piece which has not been treated with chemicals. If you buy any such alder, it is possible that all such chemicals will get transferred to your dough.
2. Now, lay the pattern you have in mind on this wood. You can design a pattern on a paper earlier or get a small cutout made of hardboard which you can trace out in this wooden piece.
3. Before you start cutting it, remember to round all the sharp edges of the pattern. This is essential so that you are comfortable with the pattern when using it.
4. Cut the shape with the help of a jigsaw.
5. If you wish you can use a miter saw to cut the bottom some inches more.
6. You should round all the corners after you have cut out the piece. You can use a planning tool for this purpose or even sand.
7. You can sand the top part of the board to smoothness. Power sander is considered to be the best device for this purpose.
8. You have to ensure that your pizza peel has a comfortable handle. I recommend using a 9 inch handle.
9. The wide part of the board should ideally be tapering down to 1/4th an inch. Check if this is done.
10. Ensure that all sides are well leveled and is smooth.
11. Your board is almost ready now. You need to clean this board so that there are no shavings and no saw dust remaining.
12. You can put some mineral oil and then some sand on this board. Let it dry then.
13. Before you use this pizza peel you should ensure that the board is well layered with some cornmeal.  How a pizza peel is useful in preventing the dough from sticking on to any surface.
Your pizza peel is ready to be used!

Image courtesy: pizzapeel: thenewhomemaker

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How To Make A Pizza Peel