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How do you cover rice crispy treats with fondant

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Rice crispy treats always look and taste great with fondant but then how do you cover rice crispy treats with fondant? Rice crispy treats are quite easy to make and once you are done, these treats turn out to be really yummy and wholesome. What’s more? Even your little kids can help you in preparing this delicacy. Traditionally, the rice crispy treats were made using a few regular things but in the modern times people are becoming more creative with the toppings and decorations of their rice crispy treats. fondant-covered-rice-crispy-treat

Procedure for covering rice crispies with fondant –

The rice crispies with fondant, in particular, are quite a favorite with the young and old alike. But remember, if you will be covering rice crispies with fondant, you should add a little less margarine. This will make sure your crispy treats remain more stable and you can model them into your preferred shapes easily. For you are making a doll, use large sized pretzel rods and then cut them into your desired sizes for creating the doll’s limbs. Now, you can easily cover them with fondant. You can shape your rice crispy characters the way you want, but for the shapes to come out flawlessly, coat them lightly with butter cream frosting.

For all occasions

Actually, there is no dearth to the number of possible ways you can decorate your rice crispies with. All you have to do is just let your imagination flow and you will come with one unique idea after the other. Covering rice crispies with fondant is just one of the popular ways as they make wonderful welcoming dishes for parties and festivals.

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How Do You Cover Rice Crispy Treats With Fondant