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How to Cool a Can of Soda Fast

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Nothing quenches thirst like a can of soda does. There is no better feeling on a hot summer’s day than cold liquid pouring down your throat. But what if the can of soda you purchased isn’t chilled at all? Here’s a quick and easy guide to cool a can of soda in no time. A cool can of soda

Get Some Ice 

First, you will need a bunch of ice. Grab some from your fridge and put it in a bowl. Add water to the bowl. Usually a mixture of 50% ice and 50% water works best. Add enough water and ice in the bowl to submerge your can of soda. 

Add Salt

The next step would be to add salt to the water. A small handful of salt should be enough. Adding salt to the water lowers the freezing point of water. This is why the oceans don’t freeze over in winter, because of the salt content in the water.

Soak the Soda

After adding the salt, immediately submerge the can of soda in the water. Once your can is in the cold briny water, stir the mixture with your hand or a spoon. This helps in moving the heat out of the soda and into the ice water. Stir for about two minutes and remove the can. 

Rinse off the can under running water, open it, and enjoy your cool can of soda.

Cooling your can of soda in this way works far better than adding ice to your drink because ice dilutes your drink. This way the taste is intact and your drink is cold.

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How To Cool A Can Of Soda Fast