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How did BBQ originate?

There are a lot of interesting theories about how barbeque originated. Some take you to North Carolina, some towards Australia and New Zealand and some even towards Caribbean Islands. It is said that the natives of Caribbean Islands used the method of heating the meat over fire and preserving it for a long time. The pit where they roasted the meat was called the Taino Barabicao, meaning the sacred pit. And the theory that takes us to North Carolina says that the shortage of food caused people to hunt for wild pigs and roast them over slow fire and preserve them for a later date. It was also said that it acted as a community food for everyone. These barbeque events were held at churches and people from all walks gathered and ate together. This continues till date and more of a social gathering than just sharing food during shortage of food.



One interesting theory suggests that the Africans cooked their meat in open air and used stones to cook their meat, very similar to modern day barbequing.
Another theory says that barbeque is essentially roasting the meat from the whiskers to tail, i.e every part of the animal’s body is roasted. Some people debate that this roasting is just roasting of an animal or it is a grilled animal. So then what would amount to barbeque? It is actually both grilling and roasting the meat along with barbeque sauce.
Whatever the theory, this method of cooking meat

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How Did BBQ Originate?