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Turkey FAQ Giblets, gobbling, and gizzards

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What Exactly is a Giblet?
Giblets are the edible internal parts of a fowl, including the gizzard, heart, liver, and neck. They are normally removed, placed into a plastic bag, and then reinserted into the turkey's vacant body cavity. A Southern tradition is to make gravy stock from it, while most people just give them to their dog or threaten their children with them.
What's a Gizzard?
The gizzard is a part of the turkey's stomach that helps it digest harsher items, like seeds.What's the Point of Gobbling?
The gobble is a seasonal call that only males make. Female turkeys make a clicking noise. Males, or, toms, gobble when they hear loud noises and when they settle in for the night. One can hear a turkey gobbling up to a mile away on a quiet day.
Is There A Name for That Thing That Hangs Off a Turkey's Neck?
That fleshlike appendage is called the wattle. It can grow to great size, and is extremely elastic. Most breeders remove them at a young age.

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Turkey FAQ Giblets, Gobbling, And Gizzards