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National Turkey Day

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National Turkey Day

Foodie fans it's National Turkey Day, National Stuffing Day, and National Cashew Day.  We're deepfrying the turkey this year just for fun.  It's amazing how frying a hole turkey makes it so jucy and it's not greasey.  It takes a fraction of the time as it does in the oven too...  My mom is making the stuffing from a recipe her grandmother has passed down.  Greanbean casserole, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, corn, and asparagus with hollindase sauce will accompany.  We're also making chicken picatta (we do at every holiday for some reason (actually because everyone loves it here)).  We're going to have enough food to feed an army.  We also bought complete Thanksgiving meals for 5 other families this year who were in need of some help.  Maitlin picked out a turkey cake that looks fun (even thought it's a white cake and not chocolate)...  Photos and videos o come...

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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National Turkey Day