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The 5 Best Burgers in America

With so many burger chains around in America, one will be confused to choose from the 5 best burgers in America. If you are also puzzled like others, then you have landed on the right page. Here is the guide that tells you about the 5 best burgers in America. You will find a combination of both- immensely fancy as well as classically simple hamburgers below. Buns ranging from rosemary-scented focaccia to Kaiser roll and toppings including regular mayo and garlic aioli and pickle chips and grilled onion are all a part of these delicious burgers.  


  1. New York: DuMont Burger

    DuMont Burger, 314 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

    best burger in New York DuMont Restaurant served a burger that was scrumptious, so much so that they named a separate shop after the dish. The hamburger perfectly stikes balance between different raw ingredients. It is made using brioche buns that are neither too thin to break apart willy-nilly nor too soft. The broche is just perfect and absorbs the right amount of meat juices. Shaved onion, Bibb lettuce and sliced tomatoes are served along the burger. These veggies may be picked in any amount, as required. This four inches high end product served amidst a bed of crisp, golden fries begs to be squeezed to mouth size. People with small appetites can go for mini burgers while big ones can add cheese or topping for an additional buck or two.


  2. Miami: Kingdom
    6708 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL (305-757-0074)

    The best burger in Miami does not offer fancy bread or designer topping. It is rather simple where sesame seed bun is halved and stuffed with grilled patty of chopped sirloin. Toppings are the tastiest part of this hamburger. Favorite melted cheese, slice of tomato, romaine lettuce and red onions, are combined together with a combo of sauces. While you are here, do try The Queensburger. Highly recommended!


  3. Washington, DC: Palena Café
    3529 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC
    best burger in Washington Palenta Café is an intimate eatery where food is important than fame. Palenta undoubtedly offers the best burger in the capital. A glossy bun is stuffed with Kobe beef with a layer of garlicky mayonnaise and sweet pickles on the top. A hint of truffled Italian cheeses makes the preparation unique and it available for $12 only.


  4. Seattle: Lunchbox Laboratory
    7302 1/2 15th Ave. NW @73rd St., Seattle, WA

    Lunchbox laboratory in Seattle offers diving burger treats. Its “Burger of the Gods” is very flavorful. An organic Kaiser bun is filled with a combination of prime rib, rib eye and grass-fed sirloin along with balsamic-soaked onions and cream sauce. Other highlights of this restaurant are lamb burger, duck and pork burger, falafel burger, a dozen homemade sauces and several toppings. Sweet, curly or starlight potato fries are most common side dishes served with the burger. The decor inside is nice but seating is mostly outdoors.


  5. San Francisco: Zuni Café

    1658 Market S. (near Franklin) San Francisco, CA

    burger at Zuni Cafe Zuni Café is like another name for burgers in San Francisco. The chunks of meat that are to be used for making patties are salted overnight. The meat and salt is grinded the next day and then used to make grilled patty. Consequently, a gush of liquid is released with every bite. The patty is served over grilled rosemary-scented focaccia, which is topped with garlicky aioli, pickled zucchini and onion strips. 

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The 5 Best Burgers In America