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Top 10 strange foods of the world - 2

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In the second part of Top 10 strange foods of the world, we bring you some more gastronomic frights and delights. Just like there is no limit to man’s imagination, similarly, there is no limit to what man can find edible on this earth. Fugu, a poisonous fish, is one of the most strange foods from Japan

As you read further, you will find, to your horror or delight, that what is someone’s poison, can be someone else’s nectar:

6. Stuffed Camel from Bedouin Desert: This is one recipe worthy of being included into the Guinness Book of World Records, simply for the gigantic list of ingredients that go into making this Bedouin specialty. The stuffed camel is made up with one whole camel, one whole lamb and 20 whole chickens and that is not the end of the story. In this classic case of the “Russian Stack Doll,” the chickens are first stuffed with eggs and rice, then the lamb is stuffed with the chickens and finally, the whole lamb is stuffed inside the camel, which is then barbecued on a huge spit fire. Phew!!! That is one stuffed dish that would take a lifetime to finish off.

7. Fried Tarantula from Cambodia: If you are courageous enough to think of a spider as a meal, read on. In Skuon district in Cambodia, big tarantula spiders are fried whole and eaten with relish. The dish was invented during the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge, when people were forced to starve to death. The dish invented under trying circumstances has now become a tourist attraction with people visiting Skuon from far and wide to taste this frightening delicacy.

8. Rocky Mountain Oysters from the Prairies: Don’t let the name deceive you. This dish has nothing to do with those cute little oysters found at the sea-bed. This fancy name is, in fact, given to deep-fried buffalo testicles, regularly enjoyed in parts of the US and Canada. Apart from buffalo, the Rocky Mountain oysters are also made with bull or board testicles.

9. Fugu from Japan: Fugu is the name for a poisonous puffer fish, found in the oceans near Japan. The fish contains the poison tetrodotoxin, which is considerably lethal. However, that did not deter the Japanese chefs from delving into the unknown and cooking a delicious dish out of it. The only requirement to handle the Fugu is that the chefs must be specially-trained with at least 2-3  years of training behind them. In addition to that, the chefs need to pass an official test before they are authorized to cook this dish. Well, when you are dealing with such a poisonous fish, you can’t leave anything to chance, can you? For those among you, who are wondering, what happens to all the tetrodotoxin inside the fish – the chefs extract all the poison from the fish but, sometime, leave a little bit inside it, which may cause a tingling sensation on the tongue and lips. Otherwise, the cooked Fugu is just bland. Fried Tarantulas are also included in the Top 10 strange foods of the world

10. Kopi Luwak From Indonesia: And if you thought you had seen it all and heard everything about the most strange foods in the world, think again. The last offering on this list of delicacies is Kopi Luwak, which is considered to be the most rare and expensive gourmet coffee in the world, is actually made up of the excrements of an Indonesian creature called Luwak. This coffee comes to be because Luwaks, who eat only coffee cherries, are not able to digest the beans inside their stomach, so the beans come out whole. The Kopi Luwak, thus produced, is believed to be full of stomach acids and enzymes which ferment the beans so good that the coffee made out of these beans has a special aroma.

Now, next time you plan to visit any of these countries, you know what to eat or what not to, depending on which side of the gastronomic fence you are sitting.
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Top 10 Strange Foods Of The World - 2